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Telephone: 1. 9108926017 Address: 108 South Layton St. Dunn, NC 28334


 "Heaven never helps the man who will not act."~ Sophocles 

What We Provide:

Included in the weekly rate we provide:

  1. Semi-private room with bedding, towels and linens.
  2. Daily meals and snacks.
  3. All utilities.
  4. Wi-Fi access and use of house computer.
  5. Transportation to meetings, work and other services.
  6. Laundry facility
  7. Access to mental health services.
  8. Employment assistance.
  9. Professional counseling services.

ADMISSION AND INTAKE: There are no admission or intake payments.  We do request the first two weeks fee ($250) be paid in advance. 

Fees are based on a sliding scale to be determined prior to admission.  They range between $125and $175 per week,based on ability to pay. 

Fees are payable in advance each Friday and are non-refundable.  You may also pay monthly.

We understand that there are financial hardship cases and we will certainly consider them on an individual basis.


Entrance Qualifications

To be considered for admittance, prospective members must meet the following:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Must be willing to commit at least 3 months.
  3. Must agree to a background check.
  4. Must be in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol and agree to for cause random drug and alcohol testing.
  5. We prefer that you are now in treatment or have very recently successfully completed at least a 14 day substance abuse treatment program.