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Our individualized plans may include educational opportunities, vocational training, financial planning, family counseling, life skills and relapse prevention.  We are a part of the Alliance network and can provide periodic access to behavioral health services, psychiatric services, medication management and other services. We strongly encourage members to develop a personalized recovery program and we offer access to 12 step recovery support.  All that you need to be successful in our program is a willingness to participate, a desire to change, and the ability to take suggestions from those who know how to recover! We are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human (NCDHHS) and fully capable to meet your needs. 

Phone: (910) 892-6017


108 South Layton Street

Dunn, NC 28334


Ryan Craddock

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Helping those with addictions to stay clean and sober and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Telephone: 1. 9108926017 Address: 108 South Layton St. Dunn, NC 28334